About Us

Kazmi Enterprises was founded by Mr. MK Kazmi in 2006 after long years experience of the industry, 15 years continued studies of facade science with passion of innovations has given an edge to our expertise in exteriors curtain wall glazing, modern claddings and system windows, company has completed more than 200 projects successfully.
We have created a large numbers of expert site monitors team, strong system of site and office communication, materials supply chain management, pre-planning/forecasting, in-house shop-drawings/modelling experts and a manufacturing unit located in the heart of Tri-city Chandigarh for quality aluminum pre-fab units, so projects having very short time frame also can be done without quality compromise of craftsmanship.
Key focus areas of our engineering and R&D is for sustainable Façade, anti-aging Façade, rainwater marks control, cracks proof and stand at high windstorms too, thus company getting repeatedly projects by good builders, creative architects and project owners.

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