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FunderMax Exterior could be a high-quality construction product that’s out there in giant format Cladding seat panels for facing balconies and building facades. Walnut shade provides an associate increased look to your facade and brings with the help of creative thinking in you.



FunderMax Exterior protective cover Laminates could be a high-quality construction product that’s accessible in giant format panels for protective cover balconies and building facades. FunderMax Exterior panels square measure Duromer air mass Laminates HPL cladding as per linear unit 438-6, kind EDF with very effective weather protection. The weather protecting coating consists of double hardened acrylic polymer resins. they’re made in laminate presses beneath air mass at heat.


Structural fitting spider glass glazing is fixed to building support structures such as concrete columns, steel mullions, and posts or metal/cable truss system. This technique provides the glass to be cantilevered off the support structure. Spider fitting glass glazing can give you access for an unlimited height in glazing with an intermediary structural supports at given spans. Structural fitting spider glass glazing spider point fixings are designed to connect multiple tiers or panels of glass used in glass wall and canopy openings. Spider fitting glazings are apt in high wind load areas where conventional silicon and glass fin support are not sufficient enough to cope with loading. The spider glass fabricator is manufactured using the premium quality raw material and advanced techniques in compliance with the global quality norms at vendors end. Features: high durability Sturdiness Accurate dimension Spider glass fittings are available in various size and shapes. These products are known for low maintenance, easy handling, and durability. The offered casting is widely applicable die castings, high-speed automatic buffing polishing. These are highly appreciated for their suitability in nearly all type.


Double glazing is made by combining two pieces of glass super sealed together with a space of air in between. This ideal double glazed window fits well in your window frame like a regular one.

Glazing Supplies including window putty, setting blocks, glass sealants, glazing tapes, and much more ready to ship from Wholesale Glass & Supplies.

We specialize in supplying the glazing industry with quality tools, hardware, and consumables used in the manufacturing, processing, and installation of glass.

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