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High Quality Aluminum Powder Coating

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Strengthen the Substrate with High-Quality Powder Coating 

Kazmi Enterprises offers the top most quality powder coating that is durable enough to sustain for long years once applied.

Highly Weather-resistant for Exterior

powder coating in PunjabWe offer high-quality AkzoNoble Powder, which comes with a 15-year and 25-year warranty. Durability is what the product is known for. Quality is ensured with us. Our powder coating goes for years, preventing any sort of tear and wear on the surface. It adheres to the surface well, giving it a high thermal and chemical resistance. With long years of experience in the industry, Kazmi Enterprises provides first-class Aluminum Powder Coating in Mohali.

Efficient Surface Treatment

Aluminium Powder coating in ChandigarhWhile offering Aluminium Powder coating in Chandigarh, we pay special attention to the surface treatment. It is a process to prepare the surface before coating it. AkzoNoble Aluminium Powder Coating Chandigarh is a sustainable option to protect any surface. But, if the surface is not treated well before the powder coating, all efforts may go in vain. Therefore we offer quick and efficient surface treatment with Nihon Chemicals Process before coating. With high-performance chemicals, the surface substrate is prepared to make it suitable for the coating process.

Uniform color and thickness

Aluminium Powder coating in mohaliWhen it comes to Aluminum powder coating in Mohali or Chandigarh, our aim is to provide the best products and solutions. The experts here look after every detail- major and minor. While on the one hand, we take care of surface treatment; on the other hand, we assure a uniform color across the surface. Since thickness is a vital factor for powder coating, we keep an eye on that too. We make sure that a uniform thickness is available on the surface. Go for our special AkzoNoble  Aluminium Powder Coating Chandigarh once, and we will provide what you want.

Adequate Baking as per Guidelines

Aluminium Powder coating in ChandigarhWhen it comes to AkzoNoble Aluminium Powder Coating Chandigarh, the company makes sure that the products comply with adequate time duration of oven baking and temperature of baking as recommended thus there is no peel-off problem in coatings, we have  automated heating  oven so equal distribution of heating give us quality baking of the job. Our company always ensures the durability and quality of the products. As a leading powder coating company, our aim is to keep the quality of the products and customer satisfaction above all. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to maintain all guidelines mentioned by AkzoNoble.  All of the products are prepared to keep the guidelines in mind.

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Aluminium Powder coating in ChandigarhAluminium Powder coating in Chandigarh

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